HSBC Routing Number and Wiring Instructions

In order to transfer funds domestic or internationally,HSBC clients must have a routing number . The number is determined by the State the account holder opened their account.

Routing Number on a Check

It can be easily found on a check. It’s the first 9 digit number on the botton of the check.



HSBC Routing Numbers

  • 021001088

How to Wire Money

The best way HSBC recommends you to transfer funds is to do it online or find the nearest branch and do it in person.

Both ways you’ll need the following information:

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

  • Bank Name
  • Routing Number
  • Address of Bank
  • Creditor’s Name
  • Creditor’s Account Number

International Wire – Up to 7 Days for Processing

  • Swift Code – MRMDUS33
  • Routing Number
  • Customer’s Name
  • Customer’s Account Number


If you have any problem , please contact HSBC Customer Service at: 1(800)975-4722