10 Tips for JPMorgan Core Bond Fund [WOBDX]


The JP Morgan Core Bond Select Fund [WOBDX] is for the conservative investor. It’s a bond fund that stays close to its benchmark and therefore produces few surprises for those seeking a core bond investment within their portfolio.

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As of February 21, 2020, the fund has assets totaling almost $33.14 billion invested in 3,786 different holdings. Its portfolio consists primarily of triple-A or highly rated bonds with maturities between four and 12 years. The fund differs from its benchmark in a greater willingness to hold more mortgage-backed securities and fewer Treasurys.

The investment seeks to maximize total return by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of intermediate and long-term debt securities. Wobdx jp morgan

Fund Fees & Expenses
Annual Operating Expenses 
Gross Expense Ratio
(before waivers/reductions)
Net Expense Ratio
(after waivers/reductions)
Category Average0.67%
Fund Company Fees  mutf:wobdx
Max. Front Load--
Max. Back Load--
12b-1 Fee--
Fund's Contingent
Redemption Fee

A net expense ratio lower than the gross expense ratio may reflect a limit on or contractual waiver of fund expenses. Please read the fund prospectus for details on limits or expiration dates for any such waivers.